Virginia-class submarines ships & sponsors

Ships of the Virginia Class Sponsors
South Dakota (SSN-790) Deanie Dempsey
Indiana (SSN-789) Diane Donald
Colorado (SSN-788) Annie Mabus
Washington (SSN-787) Elisabeth Mabus
Illinois (SSN-786) Michelle Obama
John Warner (SSN-785) Jeanne Warner
North Dakota (SSN-784) Katie Fowler
USS Minnesota (SSN-783) Ellen Roughead
USS Mississippi (SSN-782) Allison Stiller
USS California (SSN-781) Donna Willard
USS Missouri (SSN-780) Becky W. Gates
USS New Mexico (SSN-779) Cindy Giambastiani
USS New Hampshire (SSN-778) Cheryl McGuinness
USS North Carolina (SSN-777) Linda Bowman
USS Hawaii (SSN-776) Linda Lingle
USS Texas (SSN-775) Laura Bush
USS Virginia (SSN-774) Lynda Johnson Robb

Virginia-class Submarine Characteristics

Displacement: 7,835 tons
Length: 377 feet
Beam: 34 feet
Payload: 40 weapons; Special Operations Forces;
Unmanned undersea vehicles
Weapons: Four 21-inch torpedo tubes; two Virginia payload tubes;
Tomahawk land-attack missiles; Mark 48 advanced
capability torpedoes
Crew: 132 officers and enlisted personnel